Our academic programme is challenging and varied and lives up to our motto ‘Skilled for Life’. Girls write the Independent Examinations Board’s National Senior Certificate, which affords them excellent opportunities to study at a tertiary level, locally and abroad.

Technology has become an indisputable part of modern-day life, and we’ve embraced it in the classroom. Tablets used by Grade 8 and 9 girls provide a blended approach to teaching while, at the same time, maintaining the standards of academic excellence our school has come to be known for.

Technology and multimedia – combined with small class sizes – provide the optimal environment for full engagement. Extra lessons and academic support are available to girls who require one-on-one support to help them along their academic journey.

  • English/Afrikaans/isiZulu
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences (Physical Sciences and Life Sciences)
  • Social Sciences (Geography and History)
  • Economic Management Sciences (Accounting)
  • Art and Culture (Art, Drama, and Music)
  • Life Orientation (Guidance and Physical Education)
  • IT (Computer Skills)
  • French (Optional)

Students are required to do seven subjects, four of which are compulsory:

  • English
  • Afrikaans/isiZulu
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation

In addition to the four compulsory subjects above, students need to carry three choice subjects (these are subject to change based on demand):

  • Accounting
  • Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
  • Dramatic Arts
  • French (Grade 10 to 12)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Life Sciences
  • Music
  • Physical Sciences
  • Visual Arts

Further Studies Subjects on offer: Both certificates are placed at an international level and are equivalent to the GCE-Advanced Level A standard:

  • Further Studies English (Previously known as Advanced Programme English)
  • Further Studies Mathematics (Previous known as Advanced Programme Mathematics)

Annual Olympiads and International Benchmarking Tests are written in various grades and subjects. 

Facilitated Additional Subjects:

Students taking extra subjects with mixed service providers for example, Mandarin, Portuguese, Greek and Further Studies Physics can be facilitated in consultation with the Deputy Head of Academic Administration.