• uBambiswano is a registered NPO (NPO 039 – 156) that operates under the management of St Andrew’s School for Girls.
  • The uBambiswano Committee meets quarterly and is represented on the St Andrew’s School Board of Directors.
  • The financial statements are audited, with financial control provided by St Andrew’s School’s for Girls’ Finance department.
  • As an NPO, companies are provided with documentation when donating to uBambiswano, allowing them to benefit from the DTI’s BBEEE codes and earn credits.
  • 100% of our beneficiaries are Black South Africans.

The programme relies on external funding, mainly in the form of fundraising by St Andrew’s School for Girls and external donations. The funds are used to pay for the teaching of the students, rather than the running of the environment, and includes learning and teaching resources, teachers’ salaries and stipends for volunteers, outings and camps, transport, catering and student uniforms.

uBambiswano receives donations in the following forms:

  • Lump sums to support the overall programme
  • Annual sponsorship of a child to attend Saturday School
  • Sponsorship of an uBambiswano fundraising event
  • Contribution of in-kind products, services, and networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for post-matric skills, training, and internships.