St Andrew’s School for Girls is a Christian school. In appreciation of our social and cultural diversity as a South African educational institution, we welcome and respect staff and students who are believers of different faiths and denominations.

The school’s association with the Anglican Board of Education focuses on our common ethos and tradition. Anglican identity encompasses a broad range of Christian faith expressions, and encourages diversity and dialogue.

Staff and students attend chapel services weekly and are encouraged to respect Christian values and practices. In addition to these services, we hold outdoor services in our beautiful gardens and regularly gather as a whole community to commemorate annual events such as Founders’ Day, Ash Wednesday, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Blessings, Harvest Festival, as well as Gratitude, Garden of Remembrance and Christmas carol services.

Our chaplain feels privileged to be a spiritual presence at the school and to journey with families in a pastoral way, both in times of grief and celebration. For many Old Girls, the chapel represents a spiritual home where they and their families are always welcome.

The walls of our chapel are lined with sculptures of the Stations of the Cross. Download our guide for praying through the Stations of the Cross at home.