uBambiswano was founded in 1990 when Frank Simmonds – then Headmaster of St Andrew’s School for Girls – expressed a vision to share the resources and facilities enjoyed by the girls at St Andrew’s with the community of Daveyton. This community engagement programme has grown by leaps and bounds since then – we now serve 120 Grade 5 to 9 underprivileged students from the communities of Daveyton and Etwatwa.

Administratively, uBambiswano is run as one of the four St Andrew’s schools, which means that we have access to world-class facilities and benefit from the teaching staff’s expertise and advice. We also rely heavily on donations and contributions by the broader St Andrew’s community to sponsor and subsidise the talented students whom we reach through our programme.

Our students call uBambiswano a place of hope. They think that we are giving them hope. What they don’t realise is that they are the ones giving us hope.