Back row: R Holroyd, J Holtzhausen, C Stroud, B Mkhize, E Zuo, N Mzileni
Middle row: R Symons, A Calitz, Y Zhang, K Mwarumba, S Friend, M van der Berg, R Seedat
Front row: M Skosana, D Yates, C Kambafwile (Deputy Head), Amelia Maistry (Head), Eryn Meiklejohn (Deputy Head), E Esterhuizen, S Kench

St Andrew’s follows Robert Greenleaf’s model of Servant Leadership, in that all members of our Senior School are called upon to serve the community. School leadership is developed through a personal development programme, Skilled for Life, which comprises four levels that a student needs to work through. It is recommended that a student works on one level a year, thereby reaching level 4 in grade 11.

Level 1  Development and mastery of self and personal responsibilities

Level 2  Level 1 requirements, plus interactions with others, relationships, personal letter of reflection and a letter of motivation from a peer

Level 3  Level 1 and 2 requirements, plus responsibility for a task or activity

Level 4  Level 1, 2, and 3 requirements, plus responsibility or leadership over others

 All levels require hours of community service as well as involvement in school life in both the sporting and cultural arenas.

Leadership opportunities are offered in various spaces, including our SRC, which includes students in each tutor group in grades 8 to 11. The SRC meets monthly and reports to the deputy head girls. The Council is voted upon through a democratic process in term 3 of Grade 11. The Council includes the head and deputy head girls, heads and deputy heads of houses, and heads of task teams. To serve on Council, a student must have reached at least level 3.