Welcome to Our Wellness Team

Members of the Wellness Team are employed by St Andrew’s School for Girls, and thus sessions and meetings with us are at no extra cost to the learner or parent(s). Our role is to help ensure the overall wellbeing of the learners and parents within the school.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing short-term therapy for students needing access to therapeutic services.
  • Crisis management and trauma debriefing.
  • Parental guidance and support.
  • Referrals for full psycho-educational assessments and other medical specialists.
  • Collaborating with teachers on concessions and accommodations.
  • Collaborating with school-based support teams across schools and departments.
  • Liaising with the multi-disciplinary team (comprising occupational, speech and language, and remedial therapists), as well as external specialists in support of the child.
  • Termly Coffee and Conversation Parent Talks.
  • Facilitating a multi-faceted wellness programme aimed at fostering socio-emotional wellbeing.

Kim Saunders

Educational Psychologist in the Junior School (Foundation Phase) and Preschool
Master’s in Educational Psychology

There are many things that I love about St Andrew’s, mostly that it feels like home. It is my home away from home.

Nonhlanhla Makamba

Counselling Psychologist at the Senior School
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

The school is committed to providing a holistic approach to education that considers both the academic and wellness needs of it’s students. The academic and support staff work together seamlessly to create a therapeutic network that centres around the student, ensuring that no one is left behind. The school’s wellness program is a top priority, and it has invested heavily in this area to equip it’s students with the tools they need to navigate developmental challenges and meet their milestones with confidence and enthusiasm. The students themselves are an integral part of the school’s dynamic and diverse environment, contributing to its vibrancy and energy.

Daniela Regal

Educational Psychologist in the Intermediate phase and Senior School.
Masters in MEd in Educational Psychology

I believe that our students and their families have the strengths and gifts to navigate challenges in life but may need someone to walk with them on their journey to self-discovery and growth. St Andrew’s School for Girls allows me, the psychologist, to engage with the students holistically and creatively. I can integrate the student’s psychological, social, spiritual, physical, and behavioural systems resulting in their mental and social well-being. My most important therapeutic value is to provide a compassionate space, where the students can feel safe, accepted, and supported which I feel resonates with the values at St Andrew’s School for Girls.

Welcome to our Multi-Disciplinary Team

The Multi-Disciplinary Team consists of therapists who work onsite for ease of accessibility and convenience, as they are able to see children during the school day. However, this is a service that is contracted out of the school, and therefore there is an additional cost associated with the use of this service. Parents are not obliged to use the services of our in-house therapists and are welcome to use any therapist of their choice.

Caitlan Milena MacDonald

  • Academic Support Therapist in the Junior School
  • BEd Honours/Advanced Diploma in Remedial Education (REMED)
  • I am a St Andrew’s Old Girl.  St Andrew’s is an exceptional school that cultivates a love for learning and growth, and equips learners with fundamental skills needed for life. It is a place of learning, beauty and tranquility. Each unique learner to whom I provide academic learning support, leaves an imprint on me.

Louiza Christou

  • Speech and Language Therapist in the Junior School
  • BA (Hons) Speech and Language Pathologist and Audiologist
  • At St Andrew’s, I enjoy working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to determine the best possible intervention approach for our girls. St Andrew’s strives to develop and promote confidence in its learners. I believe that effective communication in all areas of speech, language and auditory processing is crucial in building confidence in our learners. I enjoy offering the necessary support in the warm caring environment that St Andrew’s offers.

Theresa Munks

  • Occupational Therapist in the Junior School
  • BSc (Occupational Therapy); Certified Practitioner in Ayres Sensory Integration (SAISI)
  • I love the wide array of school activities that are on offer. There is so much to choose from and to explore that makes learning and engagement in the school community extraordinary. There really is something for everyone and girls get the opportunity to find and enjoy the aspects that are meaningful to them. I also love the extensive support team that St Andrew’s has in place. There is genuine caring for the wellbeing of our girls and St Andrew’s actively collaborates to assist the learners in any way possible, to support their development in all areas of life.

Jenine Savage

  • Occupational Therapist in the Junior School
  • BSc (Occupational Therapy); Certified Practitioner in Ayres Sensory Integration (SAISI)
  • I love the history of the school, and what a beautiful environment it is to work in.

Yael Segal

  • Occupational Therapist in the Preschool
  • MSc OT
  • I love the way all the parents teachers and staff collaborate to educate the sweetest kids.

Hayley Lloyd 

  • Speech and Language Therapist in the Preschool
  • BA Speech and Hearing Honours
  • I love working with all the precious little people who attend this beautiful school with wonderful facilities!