After doing some research on the school, we knew that St Andrew’s was where we wanted our daughter to be. St Andrew’s provides such a happy and enriching environment for our daughter. Since she has started in PR4 with Teacher Paola, we have seen a more confident and happier child. The structure and attention to detail when it comes to curriculum is what really sets St Andrew’s apart. A robust and thoughtfully designed curriculum allows us to tailor and prepare for the coming week. We have only been at St Andrew’s for a few months, but Teacher Paola and Teacher Julia really know and understand Mary-Grace’s personality and preferences – which has allowed them to foster her emerging abilities, but also to focus on the specific skills which require attention. Mary-Grace is excited to start her day at school. She enjoys being around all her peers and St Andrew’s fosters an environment which is optimal for all young children. St Andrew’s is constantly engaging with both parents and students in such unique ways. Despite not being able to fully connect with other parents (due to Covid restrictions), we still feel part of this amazing community. The entire staff are so considerate, kind and nurturing.