I have been a proud parent of St Andrew’s since 2007. Two of my girls have already matriculated; however, my third child is still there – in Grade 9. After all these years and my experience with the school, I believe that St Andrew’s produces well-rounded individuals. It is evident that the school’s culture has a huge impact on my daughters. They are well mannered and skilled-for-life young ladies. The grounds of the school are well kept with beautiful gardens. It is a historic setting which creates a lovely culture for young individuals. The selection of teachers is great, and a high standard of education is continuously maintained. As a parent, I have fond memories with the principal and teachers. I have so many amazing memories with my daughters at the school. St Andrew’s understands me as a parent and is ever willing to assist me and my girls. Thank you for 13 beautiful years so far, and I look forward to the remaining few years with my youngest daughter. Best wishes always!