St Andrew’s has been a home for both my girls who started in Grade 0 and are currently in grades 2 and 12. Both my girls got into such nurturing environment from the outset. My eldest suffered acute asthma during her first few schooling years; however, the staff handled it very well and this gave me peace of mind. I knew I wanted my second daughter to have the same privilege, but when she was born with a medical condition, I had doubts – until my meeting with the head of school who had put an outstanding team together to discuss my concerns, which prompted me to make my decision. It had turned out to be the best decision for my daughter, not only because of the initial meeting, but because of the ongoing support. What first attracted me to the school was the successful history of the school – which most people would see from the outside but I have found over the years that the school takes pride in upgrading facilities and tries to keep up with current technologies. I have seen this pride translate to the bigger St Andrew’s community which are the families of the school. I am impressed with the school’s holistic approach to a child’s development. At St Andrew’s, your strengths are celebrated: whether it’s academic, cultural or sport; and I notice that for my daughter now in grade 12, she is a well-rounded and balanced individual. ‘Skilled For Life’ is not just a phrase but realised.