My daughter, Hannah, started in the Preschool at the age of 3 and is currently in grade 7. Through each grade we were blessed with teachers who worked with her closely – developing her academics and cultivating the value of perseverance and hard work. St Andrew’s has helped her develop her squash skills and she has loved representing St Andrew’s as a member of the squash team. St Andrew’s skills the girls for life and encourages the girls through every step of their journey. As a result, Hannah has achieved in her academics, and she also represents the school on the Johannesburg Mini Council. We are so proud of her, and of all her achievements – and we know that this was only possible because of all her hard work and all the assistance and encouragement she gets from school. Her dream is to be a lawyer and we fully believe that St Andrew’s will assist in making this dream achievable. We are grateful that our daughter is able to attend a school like St Andrew’s.