When my family and I decided to relocate from Mpumalanga to Gauteng in 2018, St Andrew’s School for Girls was our first choice of school for our daughter. Three years later, I can confidently say this was the best choice that we made. The St Andrew’s family gave us the warmest welcome, and we immediately felt part of this magnificent team. The transition of moving from a co-educational school to an all-girls’ school, has shaped my daughter into becoming more confident and self-assured. This is evident in my daughter’s behaviour as she demonstrates higher signs of self-confidence, she is more academically engaged, and she has stronger academic skills. One of the highlights that I will forever treasure is from when my daughter received her first academic award in her first year at St Andrew’s, and she was elected a class captain for a term. The school provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities which has allowed my daughter to develop other skills. Some of the extra-murals include swimming, diving, marimba, netball, Speech and Drama, just to name a few. My daughter has managed to balance all her schoolwork along with the extra-murals in which she participates. I would recommend St Andrew’s to anyone looking for a girls’ school. Lastly, I would like to applaud St Andrews’ staff for the continuous support and assistance they offer to our girls. The level of respect and discipline the girls portray is out of this world!