Parent Testimonials

My daughter, Hannah, started in the Preschool at the age of 3 and is currently in grade 7.  Through each grade we were blessed with teachers who worked with her closely – developing her academics and cultivating the value of perseverance and hard work.  St Andrew’s has helped her develop her squash skills and she has loved representing St Andrew’s as a member of the squash team.  St Andrew’s skills the girls for life and encourages the girls through every step of their journey.  As a result, Hannah has achieved in her academics, and she also represents the school on the Johannesburg Mini Council.  We are so proud of her, and of all her achievements – and we know that this was only possible because of all her hard work and all the assistance and encouragement she gets from school.  Her dream is to be a lawyer and we fully believe that St Andrew’s will assist in making this dream achievable.  We are grateful that our daughter is able to attend a school like St Andrew’s.

Nicole Whyte (2021)

When my family and I decided to relocate from Mpumalanga to Gauteng in 2018, St Andrew’s School for Girls was our first choice of school for our daughter. Three years later, I can confidently say this was the best choice that we made. The St Andrew’s family gave us the warmest welcome, and we immediately felt part of this magnificent team. The transition of moving from a co-educational school to an all-girls’ school, has shaped my daughter into becoming more confident and self-assured. This is evident in my daughter’s behaviour as she demonstrates higher signs of self-confidence, she is more academically engaged, and she has stronger academic skills. One of the highlights that I will forever treasure is from when my daughter received her first academic award in her first year at St Andrew’s, and she was elected a class captain for a term. The school provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities which has allowed my daughter to develop other skills. Some of the extra-murals include swimming, diving, marimba, netball, Speech and Drama, just to name a few. My daughter has managed to balance all her schoolwork along with the extra-murals in which she participates. I would recommend St Andrew’s to anyone looking for a girls’ school. Lastly, I would like to applaud St Andrews’ staff for the continuous support and assistance they offer to our girls. The level of respect and discipline the girls portray is out of this world!

Blessing Moriri (2021)

My name is Michelle Lee, and I have been a parent of St Andrew’s for 6 years.  Both my daughters started at St Andrew’s Preschool when they were just 6 months old.  At the time, people would ask me, “Are you not concerned about sending them to school so young?” Having attended St Andrew’s myself, I knew without a doubt that they were in good hands, and that it would be the beginning of an amazing adventure for my children.  Through the years, I have witnessed my girls’ transformation and how they have been shaped and encouraged to be independent and confident individuals.  It is so important that we provide an environment in which our children are able to to be themselves with the freedom to be who they want to be.  Every child can become extraordinary!  The teachers of St Andrew’s Preschool are nurturing and loving, and they provide the structure and guidance that our children need.  I see the excitement in my girls’ eyes when they’re off to school in the mornings. Their faces light up knowing that they are going to their happy place.  This is testament that we, as parents, have made the right decision.  St Andrew’s instils its values of Balance, Integrity, Grace, Community, Accountability and Trust, in our children – values that each child will carry with them for life. “There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings”.  Nothing is more comforting to know that St Andrew’s Preschool is the first step in our children’s journey towards being ‘Skilled for Life’.

Michelle Lee (2021)

When our eldest daughter entered Grade 8 at St Andrew’s, we were apprehensive and unsure of whether we had made the right choice of school.  However, we have not looked back since – as our three daughters were all warmly welcomed by both staff and girls into the school community.  The staff have a special ability to identify the strengths of the girls as well as to encourage them to consider and try new activities and different approaches.  This pushed my daughters to reach their full potential and become well-rounded individuals.  They have learnt to work collaboratively, think freely and express their views with confidence and maturity.  We appreciate the support that the school has demonstrated towards us as a family.  My two older daughters are now past pupils and the sense of camaraderie that St Andrew’s encouraged has led to many lasting friendships.  Thank you, St Andrew’s, for giving my daughters such a fulfilling high school experience.

Zaheera Seedat (2021)

St Andrew’s has been a home for both my girls who started in Grade 0 and are currently in grades 2 and 12.  Both my girls got into such nurturing environment from the outset.  My eldest suffered acute asthma during her first few schooling years; however, the staff handled it very well and this gave me peace of mind.  I knew I wanted my second daughter to have the same privilege, but when she was born with a medical condition, I had doubts – until my meeting with the head of school who had put an outstanding team together to discuss my concerns, which prompted me to make my decision.  It had turned out to be the best decision for my daughter, not only because of the initial meeting, but because of the ongoing support.  What first attracted me to the school was the successful history of the school – which most people would see from the outside but I have found over the years that the school takes pride in upgrading facilities and tries to keep up with current technologies.  I have seen this pride translate to the bigger St Andrew’s community which are the families of the school.  I am impressed with the school’s holistic approach to a child’s development. At St Andrew’s, your strengths are celebrated: whether it’s academic, cultural or sport; and I notice that for my daughter now in grade 12, she is a well-rounded and balanced individual.  ‘Skilled For Life’ is not just a phrase but realised.

Portia Dlamini (2021)

Both my daughters have attended St Andrew’s from Grade 0, and it was one of the best decisions I could have made.  St Andrew’s has taught my girls independence, leadership skills, determination, to be responsible and respectful and so much more; all while being supported by the teachers and staff.  St Andrew’s, being a very warm and welcoming environment, in addition to its beautiful scenery, was like a second home to my daughters; they made friends for life and felt they belonged to a sisterhood. Both my daughters took part in sport of which was of a high standard.  My elder daughter, who matriculated in 2020, started in Grade 0 as a very shy and introverted child; however, today she is a confident and courageous young lady who is skilled for life. I highly recommend St Andrew’s for your daughter.

Meg Herbst (2021)

When I drop off my daughter each morning, I am happy to leave her in the best hands, filled with good values, warmth and love.  I am impressed by how well the excellent staff welcome the girls by their names.  This creates a supportive and caring climate and a feeling of home away from home.
We are truly blessed to give our daughter this opportunity to attend St Andrew’s Preschool, where we are confident that she is going to grow into an independent, cultural individual who will be equipped with knowledge and skills to take on any challenge.

Kerishka Chetty (2021)

After doing some research on the school, we knew that St Andrew’s was where we wanted our daughter to be.  St Andrew’s provides such a happy and enriching environment for our daughter. Since she has started in PR4 with Teacher Paola, we have seen a more confident and happier child. The structure and attention to detail when it comes to curriculum is what really sets St Andrew’s apart.  A robust and thoughtfully designed curriculum allows us to tailor and prepare for the coming week.  We have only been at St Andrew’s for a few months, but Teacher Paola and Teacher Julia really know and understand Mary-Grace’s personality and preferences – which has allowed them to foster her emerging abilities, but also to focus on the specific skills which require attention.  Mary-Grace is excited to start her day at school.  She enjoys being around all her peers and St Andrew’s fosters an environment which is optimal for all young children.  St Andrew’s is constantly engaging with both parents and students in such unique ways.  Despite not being able to fully connect with other parents (due to Covid restrictions), we still feel part of this amazing community.  The entire staff are so considerate, kind and nurturing.

Tyrelle Correa (2021)

When we drop off our girls every morning, we leave them in a really caring learning environment where they feel safe.  The teachers are nurturing, give guidance and the transparent structure they need.  As parents, we are engaged and included in the learning and enjoy the formal and informal feedbacks.  From grade 0, its been satisfying to see our girls develop good learning habits and enthusiasm for sports and interest in extra murals.  The emphasis on character and relationships development, self-awareness and of the world around them, has gone a long way to entrench good values and make them the confident girls they are.  Every day we are reminded of the good decision we made when our girls look forward to going to school and come back with exciting stories.

Motheo Moatshe (2021)

I have been a proud parent of St Andrew’s since 2007. Two of my girls have already matriculated; however, my third child is still there – in Grade 9. After all these years and my experience with the school, I believe that St Andrew’s produces well-rounded individuals. It is evident that the school’s culture has a huge impact on my daughters. They are well mannered and skilled-for-life young ladies. The grounds of the school are well kept with beautiful gardens. It is a historic setting which creates a lovely culture for young individuals. The selection of teachers is great, and a high standard of education is continuously maintained. As a parent, I have fond memories with the principal and teachers. I have so many amazing memories with my daughters at the school. St Andrew’s understands me as a parent and is ever willing to assist me and my girls. Thank you for 13 beautiful years so far, and I look forward to the remaining few years with my youngest daughter. Best wishes always!
Rekha Laljith (2021)

It was not an overnight decision… do you take a leap of faith halfway through grade 11, taking on new subjects, fitting into a new environment, adjusting to a new school culture? For a couple of months, we dissected the concept of starting anew, letting go of the road that led us this far and forging a new path towards the building blocks of something new. Courtney joined St Andrew’s School for Girls in the final term of grade 11. It was nerve-racking and would take courage to make friends, take on a new subject and catch up on grade 10 and grade 11 syllabi in the time span of one term… and not forfeit her passion as a rower. During Courtney’s interview, Mrs Nooy had assured her she would not be embarking on this journey on her own and that there would always be an open door to offer help and support… little did we know at the time to what extent the support, commitment and selfless dedication of the teachers and coaches at St Andrew’s School would offer. Each teacher from Courtney’s various subjects reached out over and above the call of duty to provide assistance in gaining ground on various parts of the curriculum. The time had been taken to put together a file of all the notes and work that needed to be covered in the new subject to catch up. Dedicated teachers offered extra time before and after school at no expense to help Courtney through difficult sections of work. The support provided was beyond what is expected from an educator and I realised just how passionate the staff at St Andrew’s are in building their scholars to become the best version of themselves and find their true potential. The culture of inclusion and diversity is phenomenal, and the drive to allow scholars to speak their truth and stand for what they believe made a huge impression! To know that everyone’s opinions matter and that everyone has a voice and can use it to make the world a better place. The environment at St Andrew’s allowed Courtney the freedom to be herself and in doing so, respect the freedom and views of others. The importance of doing what is right and virtuous with grace and integrity. House activities allows scholars to make new friends and broaden their minds to creative thinking, sparking curiosity to learn more and thrive as our new generation of problem solvers. St Andrew’s School for Girls is a devoted community, a place to call home where families share a sense of belonging. The Old Girls Association is undoubtedly one of the strongest networks of support I have ever come across, ensuring the journey as a member of the St Andrew’s sisterhood continues. As a rower, Courtney was in awe of the selfless coaching and dedicated time sacrificed by the rowing coaches. Focus on building and developing their potential as rowers and supporting the crew as a united team, standing together as one. Overcoming challenges and obstacles were taught through time management and believing in the capabilities of each member of the boat. The well-being of the crew was always first and foremost, leading to the astounding rowing season and unforgettable memories of the 2020 Rowing Championships. Our leap of faith was undoubtedly the best decision we could have taken, and I could not be prouder to have been a part of this Community. Thank you, St Andrew’s, for teaching Courtney that there will always be a St Andrew’s sister to turn to and that the ability to ‘build her own empire’ is a reality!
Janine Westley (2021)