On 11 October 2017 the Senior School celebrated our annual Speech Night. The evening was opened with a report from Mr Dave Morris, the Chairman of the Board. He reassured us that in these alarmingly turbulent times, we can still be confident that our girls are “skilled for life” in every sense, and therefore will be able to navigate the uncertainty and the challenges that may arise. The head girl and deputy head girls reported on all the experiences that made up such a successful and happy school year.

There were a number of sporting and cultural highlights, as well as camps to look back on and friendships to celebrate. It was a privilege to listen to Mrs Gill Jeffrey’s Speech Night address as head of the Senior School. She provided a number of thought-provoking insights on the challenges of raising resilient adolescents. Our girls’ diverse talents were then recognised through the awards, which were presented by the Executive Head, Mrs Ivanka Acquisto.

The evening ended with Verushca Labuschagne head girl’s address. She reminded each grade group of their unique potential and personality and their power to effect change. Congratulations to all the prize winners, especially our Grade 12s who celebrated the culmination of their school career. Speech Night was a wonderful occasion on which to reflect on the life of the school and to commemorate the achievements of 2017.