The Senior School’s annual Speech Night was held on 11 October 2018.  Mr Dave Morris, the Chairman of the Board opened the evening with his year’s. His focus was on that of the strategy sessions held early this year and the work that has been covered up to the end of this year. This strategy and envisioning will culminate in a document which covers 6 main themes. All members of community will receive a copy of this document and continued work will be done around these themes going forward.  The Executive Head, Mrs Ivanka Acquisto, spoke to the importance and benefits of an all-girls education. She reflected on a few of the many successful alumni we have had the pleasure of teaching. Mrs Acquisto ended her talk reminding us that it is the teachers who create the opportunities for other professions.

Mrs Gill Jeffrey, Head of the Senior School, spoke to the importance of being able to reinvent oneself in the uncertain modern world of work, the importance of good communication and empathy. She used the analogy of the rejuvenation of a river to illustration these concepts.

Our girls’ talents were then celebrated in the presentation of the awards, handed out by Mrs Jeffrey.

The head and deputy head girls reflected on all of the year’s experiences based on their theme for the year, “The Future is Ours”, looking particularly on the empowerment of women. The evening ended with a message from the head girl, Ncumisa Madolo. Ncumisa shared with us her senior school journey and left us with the following message.

Speech Night remains a highlight on our calendar as we have opportunity to reflect on the hard work done throughout the year. We are so proud of all of our girls and what they have achieved in 2018.