St Andrew’s School for Girls prides itself in fostering not only important Life Skills but also Values that will become integral in each of our girls’ lives.

As a school, we chose six values that we believe encompasses a true St Andrean pupil.  Balance, Integrity, Grace, Community, Accountability and Trust, acronymed to BIG CAT, are taught, practised and honoured in every aspect of our school.

A survey with staff and pupils brought to life the following definitions of what each value means to us:


  • Balance means finding the space where I am comfortable and being happy with that.
  • Balance means listening to other people’s viewpoints so that I form an objective perspective.
  • Balance means finding the time to do things I love.
  • Balance means learning to say no.


  • Integrity means being true to your beliefs and your values.
  • Integrity means being consistent in your thoughts, your actions and your beliefs.
  • When I treat others with respect I show integrity.
  • When I greet everyone with the same interest and level of enthusiasm I show integrity.
  • Integrity is that feeling you get when you know it’s the right thing to do!


  • Grace means treating others with kindness and allowing for mistakes.
  • Grace means to show mercy.
  • Grace means putting others before yourself.
  • We show grace through our words, our actions and our reactions.
  • Grace allows people to grow and to feel valued.
  • Grace means I am humble about my achievements.
  • Grace gives us a chance at redemption, a second chance to get it right.


  • Community means looking after one another, it means being there for others.
  • Community includes the people who have gone before us, the people who journey with us and the people who will come after us.
  • Community extends far beyond the walls of St Andrew’s it includes all who come into contact with us.


  • Accountability means making sure I do all my school work and homework.
  • Accountability means bringing my games kit to school, being on time for lessons and taking control of my own actions.
  • Accountability means finding a solution to my problems and not passing the blame.
  • Accountability means I am part of this team.


  • Trust means believing in others.
  • Trust means ‘I know you can do it and do it well’.
  • Trust means ‘jump and I will catch you’.
  • Trust is when I don’t tell other people my friend’s secret.
  • Trust is when I safe guard my friendships but I am brave enough to have difficult conversations to improve my friend’s weaknesses.
  • Trust is when I am honest with myself.