St Andrew’s School for Girls provides a top class boarding facility for girls from grade 8 to 12. Our modern, spacious boarding house welcomes girls into a happy, comfortable and friendly environment. They are looked after by the Boarding Housemistress, matron and four teacher matrons. Girls may be weekly or full term boarders. Occasional boarders are accommodated where possible. Weekly boarders may be signed out on a Friday afternoon once all school commitments have been completed. They may return on Sunday before 18:00 or on a Monday morning before 07: 30. All Boarders are required to leave the boarding house over the mid-term breaks, on certain closed weekends and school holidays. The boarding staff accompany the girls to the airport and collect them at the start of each term and at midterm breaks.

Boarding school provides girls with many skills needed in later life: it encourages independence, respect for others in a communal-style living space and builds self-confidence.

Our main aim is the happiness of our girls in the boarding house. We offer a home away from home and every attempt is made to make the girls feel part of a family.  The end of term dinners, each with a theme and run by a particular grade, provide further opportunity for the girls to feel part of a unit.

Life in the boarding house


Over weekends, the girls are taken on outings to places of interest, ice-skating, movies, shopping malls, and the theatre etc. The school’s excellent sporting facilities are available for the girls to use and they regularly make use of the indoor swimming pool and the gym.

Foreign Students

We welcome foreign students who speak English. Once they are accepted, they are required to obtain a student study visa from the Department of Home Affairs and they must have a letter from the school confirming that they will be students at St Andrew’s School for Girls.  Foreign students are required to take an additional subject as they are exempt from Afrikaans or Zulu as their additional language. Our school is easily accessible from OR Tambo International airport, being only 15 minutes away.


Balanced, nutritious meals are served in the wood-panelled dining room. Meals are served ‘buffet style’ so that girls may help themselves. Vegetarians are catered for, as are girls with special dietary requirements, such as girls who are on wheat-free diets or those who require Halaal food. Mid-morning tea and afternoon tea are served in the dining room. The school tuck-shop is open between 07:30 and 16:00 during the week.


The girls provide their own linen and bedding and there is a laundry service twice a week. Girls are expected to keep their rooms tidy at all times and to adhere to the Boarders’ Policy and Boarders’ Procedures. Girls may change into civvies after school if they are not involved in a co-curricular activity.


Visitors are allowed during the week provided that the girls are not busy with school activities. They may accept invitations to go out with friends so long as written permission has been given by their parents and granted by the Boarding Housemistress. No girl may leave the property without written permission.

General Information

A lady doctor visits the boarding house every Wednesday morning.

Set times are allocated for prep and study and our senior girls may work in their rooms.

‘Lights out’ in the evening depends on the age of the girls.

Laptops, iPads and cell phones are allowed; however, girls must adhere to the school policy relating to their use and security.

The prep room provides access to 30 computers and a printer for girls to complete their homework.

There is access to Wi-Fi during the afternoon and evening.

Common rooms provide spaces for girls of similar ages. These rooms are equipped with televisions, microwaves, kettles and small fridges. Our large common room allows for girls to enjoy television, WI-connect games, table tennis and other activities. Our quad area in the middle of our boarding house is grassed for the girls to enjoy being outside.