A girls-only school comes down to the preference of each individual; however, international surveys tend to highlight several important reasons as to why single-sex education continues to be the first option of choice.

Boys and girls differ fundamentally in the brain development and function. Girls tend to be more contemplative, collaborative, intuitive and verbal. Girls’ schools are therefore able to adopt learning styles that recognise the way in which girls learn; thereby developing girls to their best potential.

At a girlsonly school, there is no activity, subject area or space in which girls do not hold all the senior positions or excel: all the scientists, cultural achievers and top athletes are girls. This leads to the ‘can-do’ philosophy in our school. Academic excellence and sporting achievements are not based on gender but rather on the individual strengths and skills of the girls.

Classrooms, sports fields, culturals, task teams and outings become safe and comfortable places where girls are free to express themselves, be more daring and take academic, physical and emotional risks. Courage, conscientiousness, endurance, resilience and excellence are further characteristics which are developed in an all-girls’ space.  These vital skills result in girls leaving school with a higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, better academic results in vital subjects, more genuine subject choices and more opportunities for leadership: owing to the fact that they have been taught and nurtured in a way that best suits their needs.

It is by being on their own as girls that they are able to address the process of maturing as individuals, being free to establish their identities as young women through classroom debate. Socially, girls are given time and space to devise their own solutions to problems as they develop. They are able to command their own positions in relation to others and establish social and business relationships based on self-worth. As a result, they are adequately prepared for life at university and beyond.

St Andrew’s School for Girls is an environment in which girls can develop in their own time and space. It is a place where girls equip themselves with skills for the future. Our girls are recognisable in their care, confidence, grace and desire to achieve.

Mrs Gill Jeffrey
Head of Senior School

Mrs Acquisto
Executive Head