St Andrew’s Preschool is the perfect environment for any boy or girl, aged between 3 months to 5 years old, in which to grow, learn and play. The colourful classrooms, expansive play-areas and specialised curriculum ensure optimal learning in a playful and enjoyable manner. The learning programme is skill-based and the children cope successfully within the structured but flexible daily routines. Our staff are qualified professionals with a passion for early childhood development, and they strive to accommodate each child’s individual needs.

Mrs Lee Milner
Head of Preschool

Mrs Acquisto
Executive Head

The core values of St Andrew’s Schools, namely, Accountability, Balance, Community, Grace, Integrity and Trust, are incorporated and instilled in the Preschool, and we take great pride in our boys and girls being able to recognise and display these values in their interactions with others. We believe that a happy child will explore and grow with every learning opportunity which is offered to them, and to this aim, our priority is always the happiness of the children in our care. We invite you to visit this cheerful environment, and experience the atmosphere of the children’s joyful noise as they play and learn.

Operating Hours

The Preschool operating hours are as follows:

  • Drop-off 07h00 to 08h00
  • Collecting 12h30 to 13h00

The Breakfast Club is available between 07h15 and 07h45

Class activities start at 08h00

Aftercare Facility

The school day ends at 13h00

The following after care options are available:

  • Option 1 – until 15h00
  • Option 2 – until 17h00

The children will get a nutritious lunch and afternoon snack.

They are expected to rest or sleep during ‘quiet’ time after school.