The St Andrew’s Sports Department believes that sport is an integral part of life-long learning. An effective sports programme improves basic physical, motor and fitness abilities, creates connections between individuals, teaches core values and life skills, initiates social development and improves social cohesion.

Skills learned through sport and play, such as co-operation and confidence are foundational to the holistic development of learners. Sport actively educates learners about the importance of key values such as honesty, respect, fair play, moral reasoning, sportsmanship, personal responsibility and adherence to the rules. Providing learners with the opportunity to play sport at school ensures that they receive education that addresses the body, mind and spirit.

Aims & Objectives

In order to encourage the holistic development of every girl, the sports department motivates them to participate in sport in order to:

  • promote the development of a healthy lifestyle
  • improve basic physical, motor and fitness abilities
  • improve the development of certain life skills such as respect, honesty and sportsmanship
  • promote social development such as working as a group to reach certain goals, leadership and tolerance
  • improve emotional development (self-esteem, self-worth, self-motivation)

Participation in sport should be a positive experience, thus, St Andrew’s girls are educated and prepared for competing in the sports arena by:

  • the implementation of a comprehensive physical education programme
  • focusing on developing the appropriate skill at the appropriate age
  • developing an understanding of how the body moves
  • improving and developing skills for a specific sport
  • providing the opportunity to learn the rules and strategies for a variety of games and activities

Provincial Representation 2018

Sporting Facilities

The sporting facilities at our school are extensive.

  • Athletics: Grass track
  • Diving: Our new diving well is part of the Aquatic Centre
  • Hockey: Water-based Astroturf with lights
  • Netball: 10 courts with lights
  • Swimming: Our new Aquatic Centre features an indoor 25m 10-lane pool and an indoor learn-to-swim pool
  • Squash: 4 courts
  • Tennis: 9 courts
  • Rowing: Train at Victoria Lake Club and row at Roodeplaat Dam or at the Ergo Room located on the St Andrew’s property
  • Equestrian: Girls ride at their own stables
  • Golf: Our girls play at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club
  • There is also a state-of-the-art gymnasium

We offer adventure racing, athletics, diving, hockey, netball, swimming and tennis, as well as golf and equestrian. The girls in the Junior School are encouraged to take part in at least one sporting activity per term. We field a number of teams in all the sports and we encourage every child to participate in a variety of sports at Inter-House level.