In the curriculum, the methodology of our academic programme is outcome and skills based, using a variety of problem-solving skills, as well as critical and creative thinking.

  • The girls learn isiZulu and Afrikaans up until grade 5 when they choose one of these languages to take to grade 12.
  • There is also an emphasis on technology and the girls are encouraged not only to learn how to use computers but also to acquire the skills that they need to find, analyse, summarise and apply the information to which they have access.
  • Being an Eco School, there is a great deal covered in the curriculum that addresses environmental issues facing our country and the world. Projects like a butterfly garden, a tree trail, a bird garden and recycling are undertaken every year.

We have a fully equipped therapy centre with an experienced and highly qualified team of therapists led by our school psychologist. This team is part of the staff body at the school and works alongside teachers and parents to enable each child to overcome barriers to learning.