Providing for the future takes vision, perseverance and resources.

St Andrew’s has an enviable reputation as a leading school for girls. Many recognise that the School’s ethos and educational approach empowers girls with the skills that they need to meet life’s challenges, and equips them with the potential to play a significant role in the development of South Africa and the African continent.

No academic institution, however, can maintain its standing without planning for the future. It is for this reason that the Heritage Foundation was established in 2007.

The aim of the Heritage Foundation

By strategic fundraising, the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation aims to ensure that the School has the capacity to remain an outstanding educational institution for girls.

The growth of the Endowment Fund is the primary objective of the Heritage Foundation.

The School has identified a number of projects vital to the School’s expansion and academic well being which require capital funds that cannot be achieved by merely increasing the school fees.

The Heritage Foundation aims to raise R25 million for the Endowment Fund and we have in place a committed Board of Governors, chaired by Mr David Lowry. The Foundation also has experienced financial advisors to ensure that all capital raised will be wisely invested.

Facts about the St Andrew’s School for Girls Heritage Foundation

  •  The Foundation receives and accepts donations; bequests; sponsorships; bursaries and scholarships for the benefit of St Andrew’s School for Girls,
  • It operates as a Non-Profit Trust in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 1962 as amended
  • Tax liability is reduced on estates. As a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) no 930031219, all donations to the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Individuals are entitled to deduct up to 10% of taxable income (prior to the deduction of medical expenses) in respect of donations to a registered public benefit organisation
  • The Foundation is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation PBO Exemption Number: 930031219
  • An independent Board of Governors has oversight of all the Foundation’s activities and ensures financial accountability
  • The Head of the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation, Bev Smith, manages the Foundation on a daily basis.

Ways of giving

  • A single donation through cash, credit card or internet transfer
  • Pledging regular payments: monthly, quarterly or annually to the Legacy Campaign
  • Leaving a bequest to the School or ceding a life policy
  • Gifts in kind such as shares or property
  • Signing up for the My School Card initiative and listing the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation Trust as the beneficiary. We appeal to all Old Girls, past parents and friends of the school who live in South Africa, to register the Heritage Foundation Trust as one of their beneficiaries (  All funds raised are allocated entirely to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund and the Old Girls’ Bursary Fund.

Chairman of the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation Board

It is my view that the establishment of the St Andrew’s Heritage Foundation is one of the most important initiatives undertaken by the School. Ensuring financial sustainability will allow the School’s dedicated management and educators to focus on their main objective, that of delivering the best possible education. As a school with a proud history, your support will ensure that St Andrew’s is a school with a secure future.

–       David Lowry

David Lowry

Chairman of the Heritage Foundation

Bev Smith

Head of the Heritage Foundation

The Loewenstein Block

The Loewenstein Block donated by the Lowenstein Trust in 1985

The Loewenstein Block was donated to the school by the Lowenstein Trust  in 1985.

The Stella Sondheim Block

Stella Sondheim Block was donated in 1976 by Stella Loewenstein

The Stella Sondheim Block was donated in 1976  by Stella Loewenstein (née Sondheim) and the Loewenstein Trust. Stella was a pupil at St Andrew’s from 1914 – 1921

The Chapel

The Chapel was donated by the Old Girls Association in 1951

The Chapel was donated to the school by the Old Girls Association in 1951 and the Chapel Gardens were subsequently also donated by the Old Girls Association in 1988.

Foundation Update

Our first newsletter, NewsTalk, was produced at the end of 2008 and the second issue, in April 2009. Click on the issues below to read about Foundation functions, activities and news.