Silent Campaign for Climate Change

Thank you to all those who participated in our #ClimateStrike on the tea lawns at St Andrew’s on 15 March. We enjoyed partnering with Greenpeace Volunteer Network – Johannesburg South Africa and Greta Thunberg in this important initiative. Our girls painted posters and banners in their tutor groups pertaining to global climate issues.

We did a silent walk around our beautiful gardens to create awareness about the very real and scary climate challenges and concerns our planet is facing. #StAndrewsClimateStrike.

The Eco-School Programme

St Andrew’s has achieved our Eco-School status for the 11th year running. Eco-School is an international programme, run by WESSA, that operates in over 40 countries worldwide. The programme aims to improve environmental management within schools, educate and interact with the broader community. Our outstanding achievement as an Eco-School requires both the junior school and senior school task teams to implement environmentally friendly projects, and teach lessons in specific themes each year. At the end of 2014 we were presented with our ‘Diamond Decade’ award, which recognized 10 years of involvement in the programme.

Recycling at St Andrew’s

St Andrew’s School aims to collect a minimum of 3500kgs of recyclable waste every month. Our “green bin” system has been a success within the school and we have extended our recycling system to the community. We encourage the students, teachers and parents to introduce a recycling system at home and use the St Andrew’s recycling drop off facilities so that together we can make a difference.

The mixed recycling bins are located at the preschool, behind the Senior School “arch”, at the entrance through Johnson Road Gate and near the St Andrew’s Avenue entrance gate.  Materials that can be recycled in these bins include plastic, paper, cardboard, milk/juice cartons, cans and glass.

Owl Release Programme

St Andrew’s has been a part of the Eco Solutions owl release programme since 2013.  We have successfully released three pairs of Barn Owls (Tyto alba) and two pairs of Spotted Eagle Owls (Bubo africanus) into the school grounds. This initiative allows us to foster young rescued owls. Each pair is housed in their enclosure and fed daily by staff and learners for a month before their release.

All our Barn Owls have all taken up residence in owl boxes at private dwellings adjacent to the school grounds. One pair of Spotted Eagle Owls has remained on site and have been spotted in the early evening flying around near the lower tea lawns.

Food Waste Recycling

The school kitchens are now using a food/wet waste recycling system developed by Earth Probiotics. It uses Bokashi, which is wheat-bran inoculated with a mix of probiotic bacteria, yeast and fungi. The food waste is collected into large containers and mixed with the Bokashi bran. Once full, the containers are left to ferment for two weeks. The fermentation of food waste is crucial to the process. Not only does this stop rotting and unpleasant odours, it also pre-digests the food waste so that it can be quickly and easily composted. As the food waste does not rot, no carbon dioxide emissions are released. This fermented waste is then composted and eventually used in the school gardens.

The Bokashi Environmental Responsibility team

Operation Hydrate

The St Andrew’s Community joined thousands of South Africans and opened their hearts by donating over 7000 litres of water to Operation Hydrate.  Operation Hydrate’s founding member, Yusuf Abramjee, spoke at the Senior School Assembly and thanked the girls for their contribution, giving us insight into the massive need for water, and how every drop is precious.

Tops and Tags

St Andrew’s is collecting Tops and Tags in order to contribute to the manufacturing of a wheelchair. Our school needs 450kg of tops or 50kg of tags which allows for a wheelchair to be produced!

  • Bread Tags
  • Milk bottle tops
  • Cold drinks bottle tops
  • Stay soft bottle tops
  • Bottled water tops
  • Cooking oil tops
  • Mayonnaise bottle tops

Our Task Team for 2018